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Mon, Mar. 8th, 2004, 09:17 pm

This was a 100-word drabble I posted over at open_on_sunday. It's totally my Angelverse OT3.

Angel watches them, hypnotized. Cordelia, her lovely legs splayed across Spike’s knees, head thrown back as she rides him slowly, slowly. Angel catches her eye: her smile is breathless and wild, and when Spike presses his thumb against her sweet spot, she writhes sweetly and keens.

Angel is mesmerized by this convergence of family, the way their bodies, tangled together, represent their connection. He traces love in the graceful arch of Cordelia’s throat, splays his palm across Spike’s chest so he can hear the mad roar of their blood.

He thinks they are perfection, and more importantly, they are his.